Marfleet Analytical can offer QC testing services to the pharmaceutical, heath-food and food sectors in accordance with cGMP.  We specialise in the analysis of vitamins over a wide range of products, such as capsules, tablets and liquids, and have a strong background in the analysis of edible oils.  We cover techniques such as HPLC, GLC, AA, FTIR, NIR, UV/Vis., particle size, pH, density, viscosity, colour measurement, etc. in our purpose built laboratory.

Please get in touch to discuss your analytical requirements.

Our team of Development Chemists can offer a wide range of method development and validation solutions.  We routinely optimise methods for transfer or validation, either bringing them in-house to support routine QA release or stability testing, or facilitating a transfer between third parties.  We can also offer verification of compendial methods in accordance with cGMP.

We can also offer lab-scale production of liquid products to support full-scale production or analytical development.

Marfleet Analytical have a large stability suite with over 15,000 litre of storage at all ICH conditions.  We can also offer bespoke non-ICH storage for short and long term stability trials.  All cabinets are qualified to ICH standards.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific stability storage requirements.

We also provide support to companies based in the gas and oil industry.  Analysis is specific to ASTM and ISO methods across a wide range of applications.  If interested, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Marfleet Analytical can offer TPD compliance testing to e-cigarette liquids, or 'juices', to ensure manufacturers and distributors are fully compliant to the upcoming requirements of the Tobacco Products Directive.  Testing involves the analysis of key emissions produced by a wide range of device and liquid combinations and assay of nicotine potency in the finished product.